Captivate Hair Styling Gel (2 OZ) By Essante Organics

Captivate Hair Styling Gel (2 OZ) By Essante Organics
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4 Ounces


Add superior volume, dimension, lift & hold with a non-sticky, non-greasy finish. Sweet Blue Lupine is the start ingredient in Captivate Hair Gel, a vibrant flower that retains its color, long after the blooming process is over. This organic color-boost technology is captured inside Captivate Hair Gel, allowing it to clinically decrease gray hair and increase the time between coloring. Enjoy improved bounce, shape, texture, volume, root lifting, luster, fullness & moisture retention with the world's first certified Toxic Free hair gel with clinicals.

"For the first time anywhere a hair gel that is 100% certified Toxic Free with CLINICALS! This isn't just hair gel, it moisturizes & nourishes your scalp, it's an all in 1 scalp treatment! It's amazing stuff!" Jeff C.

Proven to: . Protect against UV light . Prevent graying . Hold hair color . Improve texture & reduce split ends . Improve luster & fullness


Add generous amount of gel on palms and rub through damp hair, concentrating on roots.

Blow dry and style with fingers, brush, curlers or iron. Or apply gel to wet hair, scrunch with hands, let hair dry.

To reactivate gel (later or next day), moisten hands, rework style.