CURE AMERICA!!! (BUY 1 PACK) Coral Calcium America Sachets (30 Sachets)

CURE AMERICA!!! (BUY 1 PACK) Coral Calcium America Sachets (30 Sachets)
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* Compare To CoralCal Daily Sachets

If your body fluid and cellular pH level are not alkaline they are unhealthy and cannot properly assimilate vitamins, minerals and food supplements. By drinking 1.5 quarts/liters or more of good water (distilled or reverse osmosis preferred) per day treated with a single 1-gram bag of Ionic Alka-Line Coral Calcium it is possible to promote your body's healthy alkaline pH levels. Discover for yourself the alkaline benefits of this exclusive product!

This amazing coral calcium supplement purifies, alkalizes, and mineralizes your beverage without changing the color or taste. Simply drop a "tea bag" into your favorite non-carbonated beverage, and the premium grade, 100% pure, ionized bioavailable coral minerals from Okinawa, Japan are instantly released. Coral Calcium Sachets transform ordinary water or non-alkaline beverages into a calcium-charged powerhouse of delicious tasting, highly absorbent, and alkalized liquid to hydrate your body.

SUGGESTED USE: Place one (1) Coral bag in 11/2 quarts or liters of distilled or good water, wait five minutes and drink throughout the day. The amount of Coral may be increased as needed. Coral granules do not dissolve in water.



* Purified, mineralized beverages taste crisp and clean * Neutralizes chlorine in drinking & cooking water * Improves taste and quality of water and other beverages * Replenishes essential minerals absent in filtered and bottled water.

1 Gram Sachet (Treats 1.5 quarts of water)


* 947 mg Coral Calcium * 34 mg Coral Magnesium * 14 mg Ocean Trace Minerals * 5 mb L-ascorbic acid

Alka-Line™ Coral Calcium MADE IN OKINAWA, JAPAN