Mango Berry Shampoo (8 OZ) By Essante Organics

Mango Berry Shampoo (8 OZ) By Essante Organics
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Product Description

THE PROBLEM: Essante' Organics believes your bathroom can be more dangerous than a room full of smokers. Did you know, the average person applies and consumes over 100 chemicals and carcinogens to their hair & skin, before they leave the house in the morning? It's time to "CLEAN" the bathroom! Almost every day we abuse our hair with chemicals, ingredients proven to cause neurotoxicity, blow-drying, coloring, hot irons, perms & more. This often causes severe damage to our hair & scalp including drying, blockage of follicles, thinning or hair loss.

THE SOLUTION: Essante' Organics MangoBerry Shampoo Concentrate contains 100% certified Toxic Free nutrients & ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals. The health-generating botanicals in this refreshing shampoo are proven to clean, moisturize, detangle, add volume, unblock clogged hair follicles & keep your scalp free from bacteria & fungal issues. The proven organic moisturizing ingredients make it a superior anti-dandruff shampoo. Medical professionals list infection, poor diet, inadequate blood circulation & nerve stimulation as causes of dandruff so be sure to use this shampoo & all of our HEALTH care products. While there are many anti-fungal/anti-bacterial shampoos on the market, Essante' Organics MangoBerry Shampoo Concentrate is a powerful and Toxic Free alternative that promotes a healthy, shiny head of hair and a healthy scalp.

FOR DRY HAIR: The wild crafted, certified chemical free nutritional ingredients in Essante' Organics MangoBerry Shampoo promote proper pH balance and health, thus helping to unblock sebaceous glands & encourage proper flow of the body's own moisturizing oils. It cleans away unsightly dead skin cells from the scalp.

FOR OILY HAIR: This 100% certified Toxic Free shampoo concentrate helps cleanse the scalp of bacteria & fungi irritations within days. It helps eliminate dead skin cells without falsely prompting additional oil secretion, as many synthetic shampoo ingredients are proven to do.