Mango Berry Conditioning Spray (1 OZ) By Essante Organics

Mango Berry Conditioning Spray (1 OZ) By Essante Organics
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THE PROBLEM: Special chemical based hydrating oil treatments at salons can cost up to $65 per treatment, and they are washed out before you exit the salon. Even basic conditioner is rinsed down the drain. What if thre were a way to leave in 100% certified Toxic Free nutrients, that were scientifically proven to restore health and shine to even the most unmanageable hair?

THE SOLUTION: With RESTORE leave-in hair conditioning serum, you will now enjoy a superior, toxic free hair treatment that lasts 24/7, and you may apply the healthy nutrient dense ingredients as often as you like, for only .35 cents per application.

RESTORE is a 100% certified Toxic Free intensive conditioning treatment serum. This is a leave-in nutritional treatment you don't wash out. Apply this delicious-smelling clear emollient to wet and/or dry hair every day, to instantly experience immediate results including: healthier looking hair, greater shine, softer feel, smoother texture and reduced split ends. The outstanding certified Toxic Free ingredients are excellent for all hair types. The primary ingredient, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, is scientifically proven to deliver superior hydration, radiant shine and high UV protection. This unique hair treatment restores the hair's structure and creates a barrier of protection against the damage of heat, chemicals and harsh environmental conditions & pollutants.

APPLY IT TO HALF THEIR HAIR AND COMPARE: It's easy & impactful to share. At .35 cents per application, this impressive leave-in conditioning emollient is excellent to demonstrate on others due to the ease of application on dry hair, the delicious scent and the instantly visible and compelling results. So order one for every bathroom and an extra one to sample out. Offer people the chance to try a sample on the spot. Apply on half of thier dry hair... and compare! Have extras on hand to offer at retail because they will want this product immediately!

DIRECTIONS: Rub into palms until warm, then smooth over & through wet and/or dry hair. Smooth over ends and tips first. 1 pump for short hair. 2 pumps for medium hair. 3 pumps for long hair. Blowdrying? Apply to wet hair to protect against heat damage. Ironing? Apply again to dry hair then use the iron, to protect against heat damage.