Moisturizer Rejuvenate (2 OZ) By Essante Organics

Moisturizer Rejuvenate (2 OZ) By Essante Organics
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THE PROBLEM: Most moisturizers and lotions contain hazardous ingredients proven to cause skin and organ damage, including parabens & proven carcinogens. It's important you and those you care about use products that DO NOT contain chemical derived ingredients that are hazardous to your health. Standard chemicals found in most main-stream moisturizers on the shelf contain ingredients proven to contribute to: obesity, cancer, hormone disruption, joint pain, heart disease, birth defects, and more. The cosmetic indusrty is self-regulated and there are no laws against using cheap yet harmful toxins to increase the volume, smoothness, creaminess or foaming quality of products.

THE SOLUTION: Rejuvenate is a 100% certifed Toxic Free formulation that delivers superior results. This deeply hydrating, ultra moisturizing cream is proven to deliver results fast. 82% of clinical test participants confirmed instant moisturizing effects from this soothing, nutrient-dense moisturizer. And almost 70% verified an all encompassing firming effect! This premier moisturizer provides perfect hydration, essential to your skin's youthful, glowing appearance. !00% Chemical Free Live grasses & medicinal flower ingredients provide optimal anti-inflammatory actives to help the skin overcome the insults of dry climate, sun, wind, stress & cold. Order our complete skin care line & experience the full spectrum of our scientific, 100% Toxic Free, age reversing secrets.

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