Noni 99™ (32 Ounces) By Genesis Today

Noni 99™ (32 Ounces) By Genesis Today
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Product Description

Noni 99™ (32 Ounces) By Genesis Today
32 oz, 32 servings

Affectionately called the “cheese fruit” by Hawaiian natives, the noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia) grows out of the mineral rich soils of the volcanic, subtropical islands of the South Pacific. This nutrient dense soil allows the trees to bear fruit rich in trace minerals and unique compounds. Noni contains unique compounds that make this fruit one of the hardiest survival plants in the world with incredibly potent nutrients that support healthy digestion, natural detoxification and cleansing, and a healthy immune system.

True to its nickname, the noni fruit has a bitter, pungent taste reminiscent of blue cheese, which is a testament to the powerful nutrients it contains. Some of these compounds include anthraquinones (such as damnacanthal and alizarin), scopoletin, iridoid glycosides (such as asperuloside and asperulosidic acid), and flavonols (such as quercetin and kaempferol).

Dark and robust, Organic Noni 99™ balances the health benefits of 99% pure, aged, wild-harvested noni juice with a less pungent flavor by blending it with 1% pure raspberry paste. For those who don't mind the natural noni flavor, try our Organic Noni 100™. Noni 99™ contains 29,000 mg of noni in each fluid ounce serving.*

What does it taste like?

Organic Noni 99™ has a recognizable noni aroma blended with a touch of raspberry flavor.

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