NourishMint Hair Conditioner NourishMint Hair Conditioner By Essante Organics

NourishMint Hair Conditioner NourishMint Hair Conditioner By Essante Organics
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Product Description

Essante' Organics NourishMint Hair Conditioner is an invigorating, refreshing, 100 % Certified Toxic Free conditioning rinse. It pH balances, moisturizes, nourishes and repairs the hair, scalp, skin & follicles. It's a wonderfully rich treatment packed with certified oils & botanicals. It is highly effective for alleviating seborrhea & other scalp conditions while restoring optimal moisture & balance. The high performance conditioning action assists with normalizing scalp function as individual hair shafts are strengthened. This 100% certified chemical free conditioning treatment smoothes frayed hair cuticles for detangling ease & helps repair split ends. Perfect for untreated, graying, color treated or permed hair. Also recommended when seborrhea or other unhealthy scalp conditions are present. Experience the uplifting fresh scent of peppermint combined with tea tree while superior nutrients such as Panthenol/Vitamin B-5 along with vitamins A & E are delivered to your hair scalp. Active wild crafted ingredients penetrate to assist with re-establishing proper cellular balance, rejuvenating damaged hair, restoring hair thickness & maintaining optimal health. Amino acids help repair & re-moisturize damaged hair, infusing it anew with healthy movement, silkiness & shine. NourishMint Hair Conditioner meets the demand of today's sophisticated consumer, especially those searching for a highly effective scalp & hair treatment. Our hair products do not contain toxic or plasticizing ingredients that coat strands of hair with "plastic" to create a temporary false illusion of smoothness.

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