OUT OF STOCK Ogoplex Extract Pure - 30 Tablets (1 BOTTLE)

OUT OF STOCK Ogoplex Extract Pure - 30 Tablets (1 BOTTLE)
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Ogöplex ingredients are a unique botanical extract used for decades by the enlightened man to enhance sexual performance. The all-natural extract is ground finely and then pressed into tablets. Distinguished gentlemen delight in taking one, or even two, tablets per day.

Over 4 million bottles sold, but not available in stores

From Monaco to the Greek Isles, and from the Amalfi Coast to Royal Copenhagen, the ingredients in Ogöplex have been over-delivering for decades. These ingredients are derived from only the finest sources.

How does Ogöplex work?

Just take one tablet per day with juice or coffee to start seeing results. Like most ingestible supplements, Ogöplex requires a build-up period before results can occur - most men see desired results within 3 weeks of taking Ogöplex daily.

How was Ogoplex developed?

Ogoplex is pure botanical male seed extract imported from Sweden. Ogoplex pure extract is cultivated in the fertile plains region of Skane and have been used for many generations of Nordics to enhance sexual capacity. This unique supplement is specially formulated to provide increased vitality, endurance and fluid release along with other long lasting benefits for the male genital system. Ogoplex extract is harvested from inside the seed husk and is stripped of all allergens and is toxin free. This life-giving substance also helps the human body absorb more nutrients from food and helps process it more effectively.