Z3 Bio-Enhanced Facelift Serum (Step 2) by Essante Organics

Z3 Bio-Enhanced Facelift Serum (Step 2)  by Essante Organics
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Product Description

The award winning, certified Toxic Free and Chemical Free ingredients in Essante' Organics Organics BioEnhanced Facelift Serum (STEP 2) delivers superior anti-aging, anti-oxidant, lifting, firming, tightening and holding benefits to your skin instantly. The scientific, clinical, anti-aging breakthroughs can be yours each time you apply a small amount of this translucent botanical stem cell serum. This product is applied AFTER makeup, as a FINAL FINISHING step that tightens, firms and holds up sagging, loose and/or wrinkled skin areas. It will lift your eyebrows, giving you an instant less-tired, bright-eyed appearance. Featured on the red carpet and used by Hollywood stars, it's known as "Hollywood's Instant 100% Chemical Free Facelift in a Bottle". The ingredients are scientifically proven to provide skin with 24-hour anti-oxidant protection while simultaneously reversing the signs of aging, including wrinkles, crows feet, marionette lines, sagging skin, dark spots, large pore size, dullness and bags. We dare you to use it on only half the face. Results are instant, dramatic and cumulative.

All ingredients are 100% non-GMO plant/mineral derived.

DIRECTIONS: Apply your moisturizer and makeup first. Then apply z3 Bioenhanced Facelift Serum as a FINAL finishing step. Apply this product over your makeup. Do not apply any other product on top of this product as it will break the lifting bonds & diminish your results. Apply in the evening before bed.

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