1 BAG Power Pops - Hoodia Lollipops - 30 Lollipops EA

1 BAG Power Pops  - Hoodia Lollipops - 30 Lollipops EA
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Product Description

Power-Pops: Eat Candy, Lost Weight. Can You Imagine...

A lollipop with the amazing power to suppress the appetite and give you a burst of energy. What could be simpler?

Essanté is dedicated to producing high quality products that have been scientifically designed to target specific needs. Now you can reach for a Power-Pop and take away those cravings with a tasty treat. With Power-Pops we have developed a unique and revolutionary system to lose weight - in the form of a lollipop. How Does It Work?

The ingredients in this product are known to suppress the appetite and food cravings, increase energy levels, and burn fat and calories in a safe and natural way. What makes our candy even more effective is that it will also give you an alternative to heading to the refrigerator and grabbing a snack out of habit instead of hunger. The Sweetest Way to Lose Weight!