Sparkle Tooth Polish By Essante Organics

Sparkle Tooth Polish By Essante Organics
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"Before I started using Essante' Organics Sparkle Tooth Polish I had lots of tarter build up that had to be removed every time I visited the dentist. Now, after using Essante Organics Tooth Polish, at my most recent cleaning, I hardly had any tarter! The dentist asked what I did differently. I LOVE it! I won't use anything else. And one BIG PLUS it's 100% Chemical Free!" ~ Debra B.

Protect your beautiful smile ! Sparkle Tooth Polish is a 100% certified Toxic Free fresh-mint tooth polish that gives you a beautiful, protected, sparkling, clean smile & ultra-fresh breath. Unlike most toothpastes that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a cheap foaming agent proven to cause neurotoxicity, Sparkle Tooth Polish is pure & healthy, giving you 100% peace of mind each & every time you & your family brush. Sparkle Tooth Polish is 100% Chemical Free & does not contain harmful toxins including Propylene Glycol & artificial colors. This powerful polish is an antibacterial, & that is great news, considering university studies conclude bacteria in the mouth is directly linked to heart disease, gingivitis, tooth decay & bad breath.

PROVEN TO KILL BACTERIA THAT CAN CAUSE: . Heart Disease .Tooth Decay .Gingivitis .Bad Breath .Tarter .Plaque