Vitamin C Facial Cleanser (4 OZ) By Essante Organics

Vitamin C Facial Cleanser (4 OZ)  By Essante Organics
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THE PROBLEM: The skin is the body's largest organ & everything you apply is instantly absorbed into the dermis & bloodstream within seconds. It's important your daily-use items are 100% certified Toxic Free Chemical Free, because the skincare industry is self-regulated. They can use cheap, harmful ingredients to boost profits, even it those ingredients cause harm and disease to the public. Most foaming cleansers on the market contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS or SLES) a known carcinogen. Most creamy cleansers contain Propylene Glycol & Butylene Glycol, both known to cause respiratory failure. Most cleansers & lotions contain synthetic preservatives and fragrances known to cause hormone disruption & other severe health hazards. Order Vitamin C Cleanser because it's important to be good to the skin you're in!

THE SOLUTION: The 100% Toxic Free ingredients in Essante' Organics Vitamin C Cleanser are perfect for all skin types. It delivers nutrition, pH balance and anti-aging benefits, while gently removing all pollutants. This creamy, pearl-ized cleanser leaves skin feeling silky smooth, touchable, soft, refreshed, energized, glowing, clean, clear and balanced. Excellent to use as a shaving gel too!

CLINICAL RESULTS: . Accelerates the rejuvenation process . Infuses hydrating nutrients & electrolytes into skin . Maintains vital acid/alkaline pH balance all day long . Removes toxins & impurities . Soothes inflammation . Stimulates healthy tissue growth . Restores & regenerates skin cells . No tears, chemical free, you can wash & open your eyes . Aides in healing skin disorders

FOR A PROVEN ACNE REGIMEN CONSIDER ADDING: . Sanitizer Spray #030: use on skin & pillow case to kill acne causing bacteria . Bee Natural Chewable Tablets #098: for hormonal balance & anti-bacterial . Earth Greens Powder or Capsules for alkalizing the body . Omega 3,6,9 Vital Oils #417: for circulation and clear skin