Z3 Vital Eyes Cream By Essante Organics

Z3 Vital Eyes Cream By Essante Organics
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THE PROBLEM: The eye area is more stressed, than any other facial area, by emotions, stress, dehydration, pollution, dryness, lack of sleep & puffy water retention. 14 muscles are stressed alone, every time you blink. Each time these daily stressors occur they manifest in the most fragile, thinnest-skinned area of the face, resulting in aging, bags, dark circles, wrinkles & drooping, tired-looking, fatigued skin.

THE SOLUTION: Enjoy z3 Vital Eyes Eye Cream, a 100% certified Toxic Free anti-aging eye cream, which eliminates bags, puffiness, drooping skin, dark circles & crows feet. z3 Biomimetic Tri-Peptide is the star ingredient in Essanté Organics Anti-Aging Trio (in all three z3 products). z3 is the cosmetic industry's Gold-Medal-Award-Winning triple botanical stem cell ingredient. z3 is used at the clinical dosage level in all 3 Essanté Organics z3 products & is proven to repair DNA & generate 17 times more collagen & elastin, more than any other ingredient on earth. z3 mimics the body's ability to bring stem cells into collagen, thus providing an 88% reduction in wrinkle depth instantly, with long-term, permanent results. Look 10 years younger tomorrow with the z3 trio of products. Warning: These products are addictive "in nature", solely due to the measurable results.

CLINICAL STUDY RESULTS: . 175% increase in collagen synthesis . 97% satisfaction in smoothly applying makeup over eye cream . 97% reported non-oily, non-greasy feeling . 93% improvement of elasticity, increase in elastin synthesis . 88% reduction in wrinkle depth . 71% decrease in swelling . 67% decrease in puffiness below eye . 67% efficacy in protecting micro-capillaries from UV exposure . 54% decrease in eyelid puffiness . 50% decrease in wrinkles around eyes . Firms & tightens skin by promoting reattachment of collagen . Eliminates dark circles by repairing & strengthening capillaries . Increases circulation . Repairs DNA . Reduces scars . Firms & lifts sagging, drooping skin . Creates breathable moisture seal to keep nutrients/ingredients in the skin . Increases immune function & facilitates wound/scar healing . Fights against viruses (rosacea, warts, skin tags, mold may be viruses) . The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Products do not diagnose, treat, prevent disease